In the aftermath of the recent storm that hit Austin County, Bellville, Texas, residents are facing not only the physical damage left behind but also potential scams from unscrupulous solicitors and roofers.

The Bellville Police Department issued a warning on social media, alerting residents that roofing companies are going door-to-door soliciting for business. It’s important to note that solicitation in Bellville requires a permit from the city, and as of the department’s statement, no permits have been issued since the storm. Residents are advised to report any unsolicited visits from roofing companies to the Bellville Police Department at 979-865-3111 for verification.




In response to the influx of vendor permit applications from roofing companies, the City of Bellville emphasized that while they are required to approve vendors who meet the minimum requirements, they do not endorse or recommend any specific vendor. They encourage homeowners and renters to conduct their own research on any vendor soliciting for business. For more information on vendor permits, residents can refer to the city’s website.

Additionally, local insurance companies have warned residents about potential scams involving individuals posing as adjusters. Some residents have reported receiving calls from people claiming to be adjusters and attempting to set up appointments to assess roof damage, even if no claim has been filed. Residents are advised to ask for references to their insurance company, policy number, or claim number when receiving such calls. If in doubt, they should contact their insurance company directly for verification.



With these scams circulating, residents are urged to remain vigilant and cautious. If you suspect any fraudulent activity, do not hesitate to report it to the authorities or your insurance company. Stay informed and protect yourself from potential scams during this challenging time.


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