In a commanding display of skill and teamwork, the Bellville Brahma Varsity Football Team delivered an impressive victory against the West Columbia Roughnecks. The final score of 63-0 reflects a dominant performance that had fans and spectators on their feet. The Brahma’s relentless offense and unwavering defense left no doubt about their supremacy on the field.

From the kickoff, the Bellville Brahma team asserted their dominance with a relentless first-half performance. By halftime, they had amassed a staggering 49 points while keeping the West Columbia Roughnecks at bay with a resolute defense that allowed zero points. This formidable lead set the tone for the rest of the game.

Zach Leuschner, the senior quarterback for Bellville, showcased his prowess on the field. He completed five of his six passes for a total of 91 yards. His impressive completion rate of 83.3% demonstrated his accuracy, while his three touchdown passes reflected his ability to lead the team to victory. With a quarterback rating of 163.2, Leuschner’s performance was instrumental in Bellville’s commanding win.

The Brahma’s rushing game was equally formidable. The team collectively rushed for 258 yards, averaging an impressive 7.6 yards per carry. Several players contributed to this dominant ground game, with DD Murray, Sam Hranicky, and Corrian Hood each scoring touchdowns. DD Murray led the charge with 83 yards and one touchdown, displaying his agility and speed on the field.

The Brahma’s receiving corps demonstrated their versatility with five receptions for a total of 91 yards. Landon Schumann, Hunter Kunkel, DD Murray, and Gavin Mays all made significant contributions in the receiving game, each catching a touchdown pass. Their ability to find openings in the Roughnecks’ defense and secure touchdowns played a vital role in the team’s success.

Bellville’s players showcased their versatility by accumulating a total of 466 all-purpose yards. Hunter Kunkel stood out with 61 all-purpose yards, contributing both as a receiver and a returner. DD Murray, Sam Hranicky, and Corrian Hood also demonstrated their multifaceted talents by amassing substantial all-purpose yards.

The Bellville Brahma’s defense was nothing short of exceptional, with two interceptions, including one by Khaymon Jones and another by Connor Gaines. These turnovers provided valuable field position and prevented the Roughnecks from gaining momentum. The team’s defensive efforts were instrumental in maintaining the shutout.

Hunter Kunkel’s exceptional kickoff return skills were on display with a 36-yard return. This return set up excellent field position for the Brahma’s offense. Special teams played an integral role in maintaining control of the game.

The Bellville Brahma Varsity Football Team’s victory was a testament to the collective effort of the players, coaching staff, and supporters. With a dominant offense, tenacious defense, and special teams contributions, they secured a resounding 63-0 victory over the West Columbia Roughnecks.



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