Austin County Commissioners Court – November 10, 2014

On November 10, 2014 Austin County Commissioners Court met in the Commissioners Court Meeting Room, at the Austin County Courthouse.  Below are the agenda items and corresponding time markers of the video.

1. Proclamations and Special Recognitions.

a. Retirement Plaque – Cathie Noviskie

2. Petitions or Requests from the Public.  (In accordance with the Texas Attorney General’s  opinion, any public comment that is made on an item that is not on the posted final agenda will only be heard by the Commissioners Court. No formal action, discussion, deliberation, nor comment will be made by the Commissioners Court.)

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3. Consideration and possible action to authorize one-time variance from Subdivision Regulations to sell 2 acres out of tracts 2 & 3 totaling 2 acres located on Catbird Lane in Precinct 1 with 25 feet road frontage for access. (POSTPONED)

00:02:35 – 00:02:49 of the video

4. Consideration and possible action to adopt Consent Agenda
5. CONSENT AGENDA – items listed are of routine nature and may be acted on in a single motion unless requested otherwise by member of Commissioners Court.
a. Transmittal of Minutes
i. September 29,2014
ii. October 13, 2014

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b. Consideration and possible action to authorize purchase of official record binders out of Records Management 137-010-0000 in the amount of $159.41.

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c. Consideration and possible action to renew inter-local agreement for law enforcement between Austin County and the cities of Bellville, Sealy, Wallis, and Town of San Felipe.

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d. Consideration and possible action to appoint Janet Allphin to the Child Protective Service Board.

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e. Consideration and possible action to ratify agreement for temporary access between Jeff Britton for Scorpio Ranch Partners and Austin County Precinct 2 to clean ditch and improve drainage.
f. Consideration and possible action to accept Chapter 59 Asset Forfeiture report for James Clark, Constable, Precinct 4.

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6. Review proposals submitted to audit all County funds for Year ended September 30, 2014 and prepare and submit Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) to Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA), and action as appropriate.

00:05:44 – 00:09:18 of the video

7. Consideration and possible action to renew maintenance agreement between Aire Serv Katy/W. Houston and Austin County Sheriff’s Department.

00:09:18 – 00:09:42 of the video

8. Consideration and possible action to authorize Juvenile Probation to apply for a department credit card. (POSTPONED)

00:09:42 – 00:09:53 of the video

9. Consideration and possible action to review compensation order and action as appropriate. (POSTPONED)

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10. Consideration and possible action to ratify the contract for services for Austin County Health Authority with Don Bosse.

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11 . Consideration and possible action to approve updated Debris Management Plan for Austin County.

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12. Budgetary and Financial Claims – action as appropriate.
a. Payment of Claims
b. Budget Amendments
c. County Auditor’s review of finances
d. County Treasurer review of finances

00:15:20 – 00:32:50 of the video

i. Austin County Payroll & Escrow Report Bank Statement
ii. July 2014 Reconciled Report

00:32:50 – 00:33:47 of the video

(Agenda Add-On) EMS Call Volume Report

00:33:47 – 00:36:24 of the video

13. Written end-of-the month reports submitted by County Offices.
a. 155th District Court Activity – September 2014
b. Justice of The Peace, Precincts 1, 3 & 4 – October 2014
c. Constable, Precinct 4 – September 2014
d. Constable, Precinct 2 & 3 – October 2014
e. Austin County Jail Population Report – October 2014
f. Austin County Library System – October 2014
g. On-Site Sewage Facility – October 2014

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