For those who have a concealed carry permit, one of the problems with carrying is the discomfort of the gun on your body.  Most concealed holsters have the individual carry the firearm on the back, side, front or back part of the body but, it is usually always on the waistline.  This tends to lead to the firearm digging into the different parts of your body, depending on its location.  But, the manufacturers at Urban Carry have got a new type of holster that alleviates these problems.

Their new Total Concealment holster is designed much differently in order to allow individuals to carry with safety and with greater comfort.  The new holster carries the gun lower so that it allows the gun to fit your person more naturally.  By allowing for greater comfort, the individual can incorporate carrying for their protection with greater regularity and with minimal notice to themselves and others.  Their new holster goes for about $65 dollars, comes in brown and black leather, and is made in the USA.  The two minute and sixteen second video by Urban Carry can be viewed below:



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