The Sealy Pharmacy held their first, and what looks to be, annual Health Fair.  The Health Fair was designed to allow local residents to get to meet the local hometown pharmacy, its staff, and help them to become better aware of the services that they provide to the community.  Joseph Nidhin, owner of Sealy Pharmacy, organized the health fair not only to allow for introductions but, with the betterment of community health in mind.  The fair offered blood pressure checks and diabetic screenings for free.  In addition, local residents were encouraged to bring their medications that they were currently taking with them for a free medication reconciliation.

Medication reconciliation is when a trained health professional evaluates the medications a person is taking, answers any questions that the patient has concerning them, as well as double checking to make sure that there are no duplicate medications being taken.  Duplication of medication can happen when a patient has multiple doctors.  Although it doesn’t happen very often, sometimes a patient can end up taking two medicines for the same condition.  This is not only expensive on the patient but, can be very dangerous to their health.  This is why free medication reconciliation is such a great service that the Sealy Pharmacy offers.

The City of Sealy Police Chief was also on hand to greet and visit with the community as well as some of the city’s officers.  The city mayor also stopped by to say hi.  There were refreshments for guests, a bouncy house for children and plenty of fun was to be had by all.  Watch the video below to learn more about the Sealy Pharmacy’s Health Fair.



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