On January 20, 2024, 46 talented students from Sealy High School Choir participated in the UIL Vocal Solo & Ensemble Competition held at Cypress Park High School in Cypress, Texas. Out of these participants, an impressive 17 students achieved the coveted status of State Qualifiers. Additionally, five freshmen displayed remarkable talent by receiving a Superior rating.

The State UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest is a prestigious event in the world of choir competitions. To put it simply, it’s the pinnacle of achievement for these young vocalists. Receiving a Superior rating and advancing to this state-level contest is a significant recognition of their talent and hard work.

The students who earned this honor are as follows:

State Qualifiers:

  1. Halee Bassett
  2. Kelsie Beasley
  3. Isabella Burns
  4. Kaden Crawley
  5. Rylan Crawley
  6. Kaylie Dabney
  7. Brittany Danas
  8. Bryanna Danas
  9. Lane Emshoff
  10. Gitzel Juarez
  11. Jony Hernandez
  12. Lani Krenek
  13. Humairah Mahmood
  14. Christopher Medina
  15. Zachary Orsak
  16. Faith Sledge
  17. Brayden Turner



The group of talented freshmen who received a Superior rating deserves special recognition as well. Their dedication and early success are promising signs for the future of the Sealy High School Choir. These freshmen are:

  1. Kai Dabney
  2. Lisette Lopez
  3. Kai Moreno
  4. Lisa Nunn
  5. Christy Stevens

The significance of this achievement lies in the hard work and dedication these students have put into their vocal skills. The UIL competition is highly respected, and reaching the State level is a testament to their musical prowess. For those unfamiliar with UIL or choir competitions, think of it as the equivalent of making it to a state championship in sports – it’s a big deal.

Their Choir/Musical teacher, Matthew Kent, expressed his pride on his social media profile, saying, “I am a very proud Choir Papa.” Mr. Kent’s pride is well-deserved, as these young vocalists have showcased their talent and dedication on a statewide stage.

In summary, 17 Sealy High School Choir students have earned the prestigious title of State Qualifiers, while five talented freshmen received a Superior rating in the UIL Vocal Solo & Ensemble Competition. This accomplishment signifies their exceptional talent and the culmination of their hard work in the world of choir competitions.



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