There is a new area of contention arising in the South China Sea.  China has begun to assert dominance in the area around the Scarborough Shoal an area 120 miles from the Philippines and 400 miles away from China.  This area has long been an ambiguous area known as the nine dash line.  China has begun warding away fisherman and enforcing no fly zones around the area as well as enforcing claims of ownership of the area against Malaysia and Vietnam.  Also, it appears that China is also in the progress of constructing area for military bases on the islands as well as construction efforts to expand island land mass for further development.  The annexation of this ambiguously owned territory has also become an area of contention for the U.S. as China has warned away several U.S. surveillance planes.  CNN has exclusive video below of the confrontations with U.S. surveillance planes as well as CBN News giving an overview of the conflict with the surrounding neighbors.  The US has now warned China to stop building the artificial islands in that area.