On April 21st, Faith Academy welcomed students from 10 other participating schools across Texas to showcase their artistic talents at the annual ACSI Art Festival held in the Beth Keaton Gym. The festival provided a platform for students to display their creativity through various forms of art, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photographs.

Excitement filled the gym as Faith Academy’s K-5th grade students and participants from other schools engaged in creative activities at art stations organized by the Faith Academy National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) members and their sponsor, Mrs. Stacy Woodley. These stations offered interactive experiences, such as bubble art, bracelet-making, drawing, and face painting. Adding a new dimension of creativity, Mrs. Woodley introduced a magnificent painting on the gym’s glass doors, reminiscent of stained glass.

The highlight of the day was the awards ceremony, where the talented artists received well-deserved recognition through ribbons and congratulations. Faith Academy students were among the standouts in various categories. In the elementary division, Uriah Janish was highly recognized for Paper Art and Photography (Kindergarten), Gloria Velasquez for Painting (3rd grade), and Alyssa Castillo for Paper Art (3rd grade). Sara DeVoke stood out in the junior high category with her impressive Drawing in B&W (8th grade). In the high school division, Daniela Skardenni excelled in Painting (9th grade), while Skyler Pyka and Noah Figueroa were recognized for Miscellaneous Art (11th grade) and Paper Art (11th grade), respectively.

Additionally, several Faith Academy students were awarded excellent or superior ribbons for their exceptional artworks, including Sarah DeVoke, Olivia Stegent, Harlea Smith, Samara Moltz, Iris Jackson, Skyler Pyka, Ella Polston, Anna Froehlich, Saley Speckmaier, Maddie Halverson, Michael Satterwhite, Savannah Beck, Dyllan Olivares, Jasmin Beccera, Noah Figueroa, Daniela Skardenni, Cody Martin, and Michael Wilson.

Faith Academy expressed gratitude to their dedicated art teachers, Mrs. Annette Smith and Mrs. Alisa Johnson, for their guidance and nurturing of students’ artistic skills. The event’s success was also attributed to the efforts of the judges, volunteers, and participating schools, including Citadel Christian – Brenham, Covenant Academy – Cypress, Covenant Christian – Conroe, Heritage School – Fredericksburg, Living Waters Christian – Rosenberg, Poetry Community Christian – Terrell, Rosehill Christian – Tomball, The Christian School at Castle Hills – San Antonio, and The Connection School of Houston – Cypress.

With the conclusion of the 2023 ACSI Art Festival, Faith Academy and all participating schools look forward to the next year’s event, celebrating the power of art and the enriching experience it provides to every soul. As Barbara Mason once said, “Art is like singing, some do it better than others, but everyone can and should be doing it for their soul.”


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