The famed Fanthorp Inn in Anderson, Texas, is a historic stagecoach stop that has recently undergone a restoration project. Educator Chandler Wahrmund shared some information as part of his presentation at the Bellville Historical Societies February Meeting held on February 18, 2024 at the Bellville Turnverien Hal.  Some of the information discussed:  that the inn is 190 years old, with its completion dating back to when Henry Fanthorp married his wife Rachel on February 16, 1834. The inn has been closed since September for renovations but is expected to reopen in May or June, with a grand reopening planned for October.

The inn has a rich history, including being a hub for people from all over Texas, the country, and the world. One notable visitor was Abel Beardsley, a Connecticut merchant who came to Anderson in the 1850s. Beardsley’s letters provide a week-to-week account of his time at the Fanthorp Inn from 1850 to 1854, offering a unique insight into the life and thoughts of a person from that era.

The inn’s history also includes hosting a San Jacinto Ball in 1851, attended by over 150 people, with music and festivities lasting well into the night. Beardsley’s letters describe the food, the company, and the lively atmosphere of the inn, which was a significant commercial hub and social center in Texas at the time.

Upcoming events at the inn include celebrating Rachel and Henry’s 190th wedding anniversary, a butter churning program, and much more. The inn is expected to fully reopen in late May or early June, with a new slate of events planned for the fall.  Below is Chandler’s wonderful presentation where he takes on the persona of Abel Beardsley and gives his firsthand account of the times.




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