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Ted Cruz Leads Colin Allred By Double Digits In Latest UT Poll

According to a recent University of Texas poll, incumbent Ted Cruz holds an 11-point lead over Democratic challenger Colin Allred in Texas’ U.S. Senate race, with Cruz favored by 45% of respondents compared to Allred’s 34%. The survey also highlighted voter sentiment on key issues such as former President Trump’s legal troubles and concerns over Texas’ electric grid reliability, reflecting ongoing political dynamics ahead of the upcoming election.

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Supreme Court Overturns Federal Bump Stock Ban, Siding With Austin Gun Dealer

The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned a federal ban on bump stocks in a 6-3 decision, siding with an Austin gun shop owner who challenged the ATF’s classification of these devices as machine guns. Michael Cargill, owner of Central Texas Gun Works, argued that the ATF exceeded its authority, leading to the restoration of his surrendered bump stocks and potential resumption of sales. The ruling highlights the ongoing debate over gun control and the separation of legislative and executive powers in regulatory decisions.

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Texas Students’ STAAR Scores Decline In Math And Science

The recently released STAAR test data for Texas elementary students reveals significant declines in math and science scores compared to pre-pandemic levels, highlighting ongoing challenges in educational recovery post-COVID-19. Despite some gains among bilingual students in reading and social studies, overall student performance underscores the critical need for continued support and intervention to bridge learning gaps and prepare students for future academic and career success. Efforts such as mandated tutoring sessions aim to mitigate these challenges amid broader educational reforms in the state.

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Abbott Appoints First Judges To New Appeals Court For Cases Involving State Government, Businesses

Governor Greg Abbott has appointed three conservative justices to Texas’s new 15th Court of Appeals, aimed at handling state-related appeals and constitutional challenges. The court, created to enhance judicial efficiency and ensure uniform application of state laws statewide, will initially be led by former Texas Supreme Court Justice Scott Brister as chief justice, alongside Justices Scott Field and April Farris, all serving two-year terms starting September 1, 2024. Critics argue the move by Republican lawmakers is designed to steer cases away from Democrat-dominated urban courts, while proponents emphasize the court’s expertise in business and state law matters.

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Financiers Plan To Launch A Texas-Based Stock Exchange

A consortium of financial heavyweights, including BlackRock and Citadel Securities, has raised $120 million to launch the Texas Stock Exchange in Dallas, aiming to provide an alternative to established players like NYSE and Nasdaq. Positioned as more CEO-friendly amidst rising compliance costs, TXSE aims to capitalize on Texas’s economic growth and corporate headquarters base, potentially reshaping the U.S. equities trading landscape pending SEC approval later this year.

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