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Space X Reaches Another First [VIDEO]

Space X has reached another first!  They successfully landed a reusable Falcon 9 rocket booster today on a barge on water. Other Science and Technology Three New Crew Members Arrive at International Space StationSep 14, 2017 NASA Successfully Launches Latest Communications Satellite [VIDEO]Aug 18, 2017 Future Of Aging: Supporting Older Adults With Artificial IntelligenceAug 18, 2017 Why Don’t Perpetual Motion Machines […]

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Google Releases Its Robotic Dog In The Wild, Leads To The Following “Close Encounter” [VIDEO]

One week ago we showed a clip by Google-owned Boston Dynamics in which a 5’9″, 180lbs humanoid robot called Atlas engaged in various human activities, such as walking, picking itself up, opening doors, and carrying heavy loads. The robot in question, clearly an old prototype (which prompted many to wonder just how far advanced is the underlying technology now if […]

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One Step Closer To Fusion Power [VIDEO]

One of the biggest obstacles to making fusion power practical — and realizing its promise of virtually limitless and relatively clean energy — has been that computer models have been unable to predict how the hot, electrically charged gas inside a fusion reactor behaves under the intense heat and pressure required to make atoms stick together. Share This Article

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