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The Rise Of Roomba And iRobot [VIDEO]

Since its release, Roomba has become synonymous with robot vacuums. Worldwide sales of consumer robots reached $5.6 billion in 2018 and that’s in no small part thanks to iRobot and the Roomba. But in order to stay at the top of the market, iRobot has launched even more cleaning robots.

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America’s Amazing Beer Renaissance Revealed in a Single Chart

National Beer Day is a great time to recognize the Amazing American Beer Renaissance! The growth in America’s breweries over the last decade, especially the exponential growth in craft breweries, microbreweries, and brewpubs, has to be one of the most remarkable small business success stories in a generation or more.

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Guess How Much Americans Spend Online While Drunk?

While the results can be hilarious, drunk shopping is a multi-billion dollar national habit. According to a survey by tech and business newsletter The Hustle, drunk Americans spend approximately $45 billion per year, with an average annual spend of $444 per drunk shopper.

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