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GMO Labeling Laws: Where Are We Now?

After Tuesday’s mid-term elections, GMO labeling laws have been in the news across the country. Other Agriculture News & Information Managing Wildlife Damage Webinar Set July 1Jun 11, 2021 Aquaponics For Beginners Course Now Available OnlineJun 11, 2021 Texas A&M To Spotlight Grass-Fed Beef June 24-25 In College StationJun 10, 2021 Youth Gardening Programs Grow Great KidsJun 10, 2021Share This […]

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Should City Voters Pick the Ag Commissioner?

For more than a century, Texans have elected their agriculture commissioner, unlike more than two-thirds of states where governors fill the job by appointment. But as Texas’ urban population inches toward 90 percent, should they? Or is there danger that the obscure statewide position, often seen as a stepping-stone to higher office, could get tied up in political campaigns about guns […]

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New Tool Assists Farmers in Evaluating Rent Payment Options

The University of Minnesota’s Center for Farm Financial Management has developed a new tool to help agricultural landlords and tenants evaluate various rental price arrangements and select the one that best fits their operation.  Their new tool, FairRent, allows producers to evaluate a traditional cash rent contract, a crop share rental agreement, and seven alternative flex lease options. To use […]

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What Is Eminent Domain To Ag?

I recently wrote an article for Progressive Cattleman magazine discussing what eminent domain is and the importance that landowners understand the law surrounding this power allowing the government (or someone acting with governmental authority) to condemn private property for public use upon payment of just compensation. Share This ArticleFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail

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My Neighbor Wants to Build a Fence…Do I Have To Help Pay For It?

Question:  My neighbor wants to build a fence on the property line dividing our land because he wants to run cattle on his property.  I do not object to his desire to have livestock on his land or his building the fence.  He insists that I pay for half of the fence.  Do I have a legal responsibility to help […]

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Understanding the Water Cycle

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) recognizes the lack of water from time to time that occurs within Austin County as well as neighboring counties.  We experienced one of the worst droughts that this country has seen just a few short years ago.  How we manage our grasslands and cropland goes hand-in-hand with the Water Cycle, no matter the amount […]

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