Brazos ISD to close March 16-20th

Brazos ISD to close March 16-20th


A quorum of Brazos ISD trustees met in a special session Friday, March 13, at 1 p.m. to deliberate or take action regarding the COVID-19 Virus, including impacts to students, staff, and facilities. Present at the meeting were board members Tiffany Meyer, Mark Fernandez, Myles Marek and Matt Demny. Superintendent Brian Thompson, Superintendent Secretary Lisa Kanak, and Athletic Director Ryan Roecker were also present.

The board discussed concerns regarding closing due to the impact of the COVID-19 virus, including what other local schools have closed. Brazos was the last remaining school in Fort Bend County and Austin County not to announce a closure.
With little guidance from TEA at this point, the district has enough minutes in their district calendar to cover the week of absence.

Trustee Tiffany Meyer moved with a second by Mark Fernandez to close Brazos ISD for five school days, through next Friday, March 20, 2020 and while closed, current regular employees will continue to receive their regular pay. Essential employees, to be indicated by the Superintendent, for duties as needed for this event, will be paid extra for their efforts at their daily rate. This decision will be communicated to staff and parents by Superintendent, Brian Thompson. The board will meet again next week if the need arises from more action regarding impacts of the COVID-19 virus. The motion passed unanimously.

All activities, athletics, classroom and extracurricular are cancelled. It is unknown at this time what makeup procedures will be available for these events.

This article was written by Johnny Griffin of the Wallis News Review and originally appeared here: