Residents of Austin County are being warned about a scam involving phone calls purporting to be from the Austin County Sheriff’s Office. According to reports, an individual or group of individuals have been calling residents and claiming to be deputies from the Sheriff’s Office. They tell the residents that there are warrants out for their arrest and that they must pay fines to avoid immediate arrest.

It is important to note that the Austin County Sheriff’s Office will never call and demand payment for warrants or fines over the phone. Additionally, real deputies will not ask for personal or financial information over the phone. If you receive a call like this, do not give any account information, gift card codes, or make any wire transfers to the caller.

The scammers are becoming more and more sophisticated in their tactics, so it is important to be vigilant. The scam is a phone version of the classic impersonation, which is the one of most common type of fraud. This is because they use fear, intimidation, and an official-sounding tone of voice to convince victims to give them money or personal information.

If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of a call claiming to be from the Austin County Sheriff’s Office, hang up and call the office directly to confirm. The Austin County Sheriff’s Office can be reached at the main number of their office, which can be found on their website or through a quick internet search.

It is important to be on the lookout for such scams and protect your personal and financial information at all times. Remember, never give out personal or financial information over the phone, or online, unless you are certain of the identity of the person or organization on the other end.

In general, it is always better to be safe than sorry, do not hesitate to contact the local law enforcement and report the scam phone call. They will help you to verify and locate the scammers. So, always be careful and stay alert.

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