The Bellville Varsity Boys Football team showcased their dominance on the gridiron by defeating the Sealy High School football team with a jaw-dropping score of 69-0. This one-sided affair left no doubt about the prowess of the Bellville Brahmas.

From the kickoff to the final whistle, Bellville’s offense was firing on all cylinders. The passing game, led by senior quarterback Zach Leuschner, was efficient, completing 2 out of 4 passes for a total of 15 yards. Leuschner’s highlight of the night was a 9-yard touchdown pass that contributed to the team’s impressive 99.0 passer rating.

The rushing attack was nothing short of spectacular, accumulating a total of 332 yards on 31 carries. Junior running back DD Murray was a force to be reckoned with, tallying 167 yards and finding the end zone four times. Senior Sam Hranicky added 153 yards to the ground game with one touchdown, while Corrian Hood and Zach Leuschner also contributed to the team’s dominant rushing performance.

In the receiving department, Hunter Kunkel and Jacob Shepherd hauled in one reception each, contributing 15 yards and a touchdown to the team’s offensive onslaught.

Bellville’s all-purpose yardage was staggering, totaling 537 yards for the game. Landon Schumann showcased his versatility with 14 yards in kick returns, while Hunter Kunkel added 9 yards in receiving and a remarkable 86 yards in kick returns, including a 72-yard burst. DD Murray, Jacob Shepherd, A. Hutchinson, Sam Hranicky, Corrian Hood, and Zach Leuschner all chipped in with their contributions in different facets of the game.

Defensively, the Bellville team was equally impressive, with two interceptions totaling 90 yards. Hunter Kunkel and A. Hutchinson were responsible for these crucial takeaways. DJ Sanders also made his presence felt with a fumble recovery that set up the offense with excellent field position.

Special teams played a pivotal role in Bellville’s commanding victory. Connor Gaines’ punt, which covered 34 yards, ensured that Sealy had a long field to work with. Landon Schumann made a significant impact with a 14-yard kickoff return, and Hunter Kunkel’s impressive 72-yard punt return for a touchdown was one of the game’s standout moments.

The scoreboard told the story of this one-sided matchup. At halftime, the score stood at Sealy 0, Bellville 49. In the third quarter, Hunter Kunkel’s electrifying 60-yard punt return for a touchdown extended Bellville’s lead to 55-0, followed by a successful PAT, bringing the score to 56-0. The fourth quarter saw Sam Hranicky connect on an 8-yard pass for a touchdown, extending the lead to 62-0 after a missed PAT.

The Bellville Varsity Boys Football team’s performance on October 13, 2023, was nothing short of spectacular. Their dominance on both sides of the ball, explosive offense, and relentless defense left no room for Sealy High School to make a dent in the game.  With this resounding victory, the Bellville Varsity Boys Football team has set a triumphant tone for their season, leaving no doubt that they are a force to be reckoned with on the gridiron.



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