The Bellville Chapter of the Lions Club International,continues its tradition of recognizing and celebrating the achievements of outstanding youth in the community through its annual contests.  This year, several Bellville High School students have stood out and earned well-deserved recognition.

The Lions Club Essay Contest is an annual competition that challenges young individuals to express their thoughts on a specific topic through a written essay. Participants are required to adhere to contest rules, including a specified word limit. The winners are selected based on the quality of their essays, which is judged on factors like content, originality, and clarity.

Among the award recipients for this prestigious contest are:

Maddox Carlson, recognized for his essay on Diabetes Prevention.
Sophie Martinez, awarded for her work in Drug Awareness.

In addition to the essay contest, the Lions Club also runs the Lions Club Outstanding Youth Contest. This initiative aims to honor young individuals who have made significant contributions to their community through leadership, service, or academic excellence. Nominees are evaluated by a panel of judges, and winners are selected from the community’s pool of exceptional youth.

This year, Alex Flores received recognition as an Outstanding Youth, showcasing his exceptional contributions to the community.

The Bellville Lions Club has been instrumental in providing this platform for local learners and leaders. Their dedication and support have allowed these young individuals to shine and make a positive impact.

As these outstanding students move forward in their journey, they will be competing in the upcoming Area Contest scheduled for Saturday. We extend our best wishes to Maddox Carlson, Alex Flores, and Sophie Martinez as they represent Bellville in this next phase of the competition.

Sophie Martinez, the winner of the Bellville Lions Club Drug Awareness Speech Contest, has achieved another remarkable feat by securing the first position in the Lions District competition held in Columbus. Sophie’s dedication and excellence have earned her a place in the Texas Lions State Competition, scheduled for May. Congratulations, Sophie, and best of luck in the upcoming state-level contest!

The Bellville and Austin County Community takes pride in the achievements of these young individuals and looks forward to witnessing their continued success in the Lions Club contests and beyond. These contests not only recognize talent but also inspire and motivate the youth to contribute positively to society. The Lions Club International’s commitment to nurturing young leaders remains steadfast, and Bellville’s students are shining examples of the impact of their programs.



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