The Bellville School District has unveiled an extensive timeline for a series of campus improvements set to transform its educational facilities. These significant changes come on the heels of a successful school bond election held on November 6, 2023. The approved bond, totaling $52.5 million, will fund a range of crucial projects aimed at enhancing the district’s educational infrastructure. Here is a closer look at the comprehensive timeline outlining the district’s ambitious plans.

Winter 2023: Laying the Groundwork

The journey begins with essential groundwork, including geotechnical studies and comprehensive financial planning, setting the stage for the transformative changes to come.

Spring 2024: Engaging the Community’s Input

With spring the district engages the Long-Range Facilities Planning (LRFP) Committee to ensure that the community’s needs and aspirations align with the project’s goals. This collaborative approach seeks to create educational spaces that cater to both present and future generations.

Summer 2024: Designing for Excellence

The summer season is dedicated to the involvement of Design Committees for specific schools, such as Bellville Junior High School (BJHS), Obryant Intermediate School (OBI), West End Campus (WE), Transportation, and Food Service. These committees bring their expertise to the table, ensuring that design plans are meticulously crafted to meet each institution’s unique requirements.

Fall 2024: Implementing Transformations

As the leaves change, so does the landscape of the district. This period witnesses a flurry of activity, including the commencement of personnel planning for the 2025-2026 academic year at Obryant Primary School (OBP) and Obryant Intermediate School (OBI). Additionally, plans for the OBI Commemorative Committee, OBP Roof Replacement, OBP HVAC Replacement, WE Renovations, and the groundbreaking for the new BJHS Campus will all come to fruition.



Spring 2025: Turning Plans into Reality

Spring heralds the implementation of numerous projects, such as furniture purchases, construction at the new BJHS Campus, and the formation of the OBP Design Team. The district will also witness the transformation of existing facilities, including the addition of new spaces at WE and the remodeling of Bellville Junior High School (BJHS) to accommodate Obryant Intermediate School (OBI).

Summer 2025: Transition and Transformation

Summer will see the transition of OBI (3rd-5th grade students) to the existing BJHS Campus, marking a significant milestone in the district’s commitment to providing students with optimal learning environments. Simultaneously, interior remodeling plans for Obryant Primary School (OBP) will be finalized.

Fall 2025: Nearing Completion

The fall season will include the demolition of OBI and the disposal of portable buildings from OBP/OBI. Parking and traffic flow configurations at OBP will also be refined, enhancing safety and convenience. Work on the OBP interior remodel will continue, ultimately culminating in the completion of these transformative projects.

All Work Complete!

In the final stages of the timeline, the district will celebrate the successful completion of its ambitious projects, symbolizing a commitment to excellence in education and ensuring that students have access to state-of-the-art facilities.

The timeline reflects the Bellville School District’s dedication to delivering on the promises made with the approved bond. These upgrades are set to enhance the educational experience, providing modern, functional, and safe learning spaces for the community’s students. With these improvements, the district is well-prepared to continue its tradition of excellence in education for years to come.



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