The Bellville Independent School District Board of Trustees recently celebrated the fall accomplishments of its students. The boys football team was recognized for their academic all-state awards, with players receiving first, second, and honorable mention for their high GPA, class rank, and/or ACT/SAT scores. The team was also acknowledged by the Padilla Poll for all-state recognition.

The girls volleyball team was also honored for their academic achievements, including Legacy all-star and academic all-state awards. The Bellville High School Volleyball team was acknowledged for their impressive performance as class 4A state semi-finalists this season.

In addition, the debate team was recognized for qualifying for the TFA State Tournament, which is one of the largest of its kind in the country. To qualify, students must earn at least ten points in at least one TFA event to be eligible for college scholarships. The debate team’s commitment to their event is a testament to their hard work and dedication.

Finally, the O’Bryant Intermediate campus students were spotlighted by BISD Superintendent Nicole Poenitzsch for the board to recognize. Campus Principle Karen Fishbeck Capps brought students to showcase their academic achievements and the exciting initiatives underway on the campus to help students excel.

Overall, the Bellville Independent School District is proud to recognize and celebrate the hard work and achievements of its students.


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