The Bellville High School Playmakers recently participated in the UIL OAP (One Act Play) regionals and received alternate to state, an impressive accomplishment that should be celebrated. Though it was not the outcome they wanted, the actors and technicians worked incredibly hard and should be commended for their journey.

For those unfamiliar with UIL OAP, it is a competition in which high school theater programs perform a play with a time limit of 40 minutes. The play can be a comedy, drama, or any other genre, and it is judged on various aspects such as acting, directing, and technical elements. The goal is to advance to the state competition and ultimately win the state championship.

Even though the Bellville High School Playmakers did not advance to the state competition, being an alternate to state is still a significant honor. It means that their performance was considered one of the best in the region, and they were chosen as a potential replacement team if one of the qualifying teams is unable to attend. It is a testament to the team’s talent and hard work, and they should be proud of their achievement.

In particular, the team should be congratulated for the individual awards they received. Ilaria Potenza received the All-Star Crew award, which recognizes the outstanding work done by the technical crew. Maddie Diezi received the Honorable Mention All-Star Cast award, which recognizes her exceptional acting skills. Finally, Ty Jackson and Kaleb Jacobs received the All-Star Cast award, which recognizes their exceptional performances as actors.

The Bellville High School Playmakers will have their final performance on Saturday, May 6th, at 6:00 pm at the Bellville High School auditorium. Tickets are only $2, and it is a great opportunity to support the hardworking actors and technicians who have dedicated countless hours to their craft.


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