The Bellville EDC awarded a $50,000 grant to Huff Brewery at Thursday’s Bellville EDC meeting. The grant will be put towards Huff Brewery opening a tap room on the Bellville Square at 11 E Main St, where Ruffus Pleasant previously occupied. The tap room will feature the ability to taste the different beers that the brewery currently prepares from scratch. They currently produce a couple of different beers along with a home draft root beer but, plan to expand their total beers up to eight in the coming months and into next year. The tap room will also offer wines. The plan is to source a few local varieties but, also to have some national and international varieties as well.

Huff Brewery’s current tap room is located at the brewery at 9805 Koehn Rd Bellville, Texas. They plan to keep this tap room in operation but, to make it more for private events and rentals. Routine traffic and casual visitors will be seen at the newly proposed tap room on the Bellville Square. Beer will not be produced at this new tap room but, they will have small amounts of finishing equipment. This equipment will be for things like aging and small batch production (5 and 10 gallon batches on site) and finishing fermentation but, the great majority of production is going to remain at their large brewing facility and be brought into town.

Work has not begun on the downtown building as of yet; it was on hold to see if the grant they applied for would be accepted. With the presentation of the grant, the brewing company has a great relationship with local contractors who are standing by to begin work. The location does not require as much work as a building that has been abandoned for a long duration but, renovations for the structure will be aimed at restoring the building back to its 1800’s original look. They expect for work to progress quickly and are shooting for a soft opening in mid-October; after the hoopla from the fair is over.

The idea for their tap room began about five years ago but, a suitable location was never readily available that met their needs. But, they kept looking and refining their business plans over those five years until the location on the square became available.  This year marks the 10th anniversary of Huff Brewery and the plans for the new tap room will be focused primarily on adding to the night life of the city. The proposed times for the tap room will be Thursday through Sunday with food trucks being available for those who wish to enjoy something to eat with their alcoholic beverage. The brewery has developed a great working relationship with many local food truck businesses over the years at their current tap room and they plan to continue to foster that relationship and forge new ones with this new facility.

If you would like to know more about Huff Brewery, you can visit their website at: or, you can visit their Facebook Page or, you can email them at [email protected].

You can watch the presentation of the grant in the video below as well as an explanation for what the brewery hopes to accomplish from the owner, Ryan Huff starting at the 00:47:00 mark of the video:


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