Austin County To Get New Extension Agent [VIDEO]

Austin County has been without an extension agent since July when Travis Gonzales transferred from the position.  But, the county will be getting a new agent in the coming months.  Haylee Wolfford, who is currently an extension agent in Hardin County in district 9, will be moving over to Austin County and assuming the duties of the position here.  

Haylee is a graduate of Texas State University and also, recently, received her Masters Degree from McNeese State in Louisiana. She came highly recommended by Dr. Dayle Fritz, the administrator in district 9 for her outstanding work in Hardin County in establishing a program over there.  She has been the sole agent in that county and has been responsible for carrying out everything.  

Haylee start being in the county on December 1, 2017 but, will not be “officially” here until January 1, 2018.