The Austin County Candidate Forum, held on January 26, 2024, at the American Legion Post 442 in Sealy, Texas, was a vibrant event where local candidates shared their motivations, experiences, and visions. Hosted by the Greater Sealy Area Chamber of Commerce in association with the Wallis Chamber of Commerce, Bellville Chamber of Commerce and the New Ulm Chamber of Commerce, the forum featured a range of candidates from different positions, including county clerk, commissioner, Justice of the peace, Texas State Rep and U.S. representative. Each candidate had the opportunity to introduce themselves, outlining their background and their aspirations if elected. The event reflected the engaged and active political community of Austin County, with candidates passionately discussing their plans and answering questions from moderators and the audience.  The video of the entire forum can be watched below:

For those wanting information on the upcoming election you can go HERE to the county website.  The website contains all the information the public should need including the list of candidates, early voting locations, election dates as well as the sample ballots of the area to allow you to see how everyone stacks up against one another.  Everyone is encouranged to vote to make your voice is heard!



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