2018 Austin County Soil And Water Conservation – Banquet of Champions

Tuesday, June 5, 2018, the Austin County Soil and Water Conservation District held their annual “Banquet of Champions” at the Cat Spring Agricultural Society Hall.  The Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Charles Goeke.  Pastor Frank Lucas of Shepherd’s Way Church, Sealy, gave the invocation and benediction. 

The Conservation Teacher Award

Austin County SWCD #347 2018 Conservation Teacher Award was presented to Kim Wadeby Diana Hold, Vice Chairman of the Austin County Soil & Water Conservation District.

Kim Wade teaches at West End Elementary School and has been teaching in Austin County for 3 years.  Ms. Wade teaches Science and part of the curriculum includes instilling in her students the importance of reduce, reuse, recycle and conservation. This year Ms. Wade invited Premier Metal Buyers in Brenham to the school. A presentation was given about what their business does and how each of us can help reduce the carbon footprint.

There is also a garden at West End Elementary.  Ms. Wade works with the students to maintain the garden.  They plant flowers in the spring and have planted both summer and winter gardens in addition to a recently added lime and orange tree.  Ms. Wade teaches about the importance of being good stewards of the land, something that her parents instilled in her and to whom she dedicated this award.

Ms. Wade is involved in various church organizations and positions including Church council secretary, Pastoral Call Committee, Shared Ministry Committee, Vacation Bible School Coordinator, and Worship Committee.  She is also involved with the Austin County Steer and Heifer Committee.

Kim Wade is the wife of Chris Wade and they have one child, McCrae.



Each year the District sponsors a poster and essay contest for children enrolled in schools in Austin County. The poster contest was open to students 12 years old or younger.  The theme was:    

“Healthy Soils Are Full Of Life”. Taking good care of our soil is the best way to make sure that we have the soil we need for food, water, air, clothes, and many other things. Soils are the foundation for everything that we are and do. From the clothes we wear, the food we eat, to the houses we live in. Every person and thing gets its start from the soil! Healthy Soils = Healthy People.

The essay contest was open to students, 18 years or younger.   The essay title this year was also “Healthy Soils Are Full Of Life”.

The District Contest Winners are as follows (images are below): 

POSTER CONTEST WINNERS-“Healthy Soils Are Full Of Life” 2018

5th Grade

1ST PLACE: Lydia Huebner – West End Elementary
2ND PLACE: Ava Tiemann – West End Elementary
3RD PLACE: Humairah Mahmood – Selman Intermediate

3rd Grade/4th Grade

1ST PLACE: Yasely Rodriguez – Brazos Elementary
2ND PLACE: Christian Best – Brazos Elementary
3RD PLACE: Jacie Menefee – West End Primary

Here are the entries:


Essay Contest Winners – “Healthy Soils Are Full Of Life 2018

1ST PLACE: Emily Shupak – Bellville High School
2ND PLACE: Alexa Aschenbeck – Bellville High School

1ST PLACE: Cassandra Gaytan – Brazos Middle School
2ND PLACE: Aubani Cormier – Brazos Middle School

Here are the winners receiving their awards: