At Bellville Elementary School, the students have been getting their “whisper on” while practicing their reading skills! Whisper phones, quirky little handheld devices, have been helping students amplify the sound of their own voice while reading aloud, improving their reading fluency and comprehension.

Whisper phones typically are made of durable plastic and can come in all the colors of the rainbow but, they are basically elongated tubes with earpieces on each end, allowing students to speak into the open end and hear themselves more clearly. It’s almost like a little secret between the student and their phone, allowing them to tune out any classroom distractions and focus on their reading.

Research has shown that whisper phones can be effective for students of all ages to improve their reading skills. Not only do they help students identify their own mistakes and correct them, but they also build their phonemic awareness. By identifying and manipulating individual sounds in words, students are able to improve their pronunciation, intonation, and pacing.

At Bellville Elementary, teachers have been incorporating whisper phones into their reading practice. Students are provided with books or other reading materials and are asked to read aloud using their whisper phones. It’s almost like a little book club, where students can listen to their own voice and see how their reading has improved.

These whisper phones are especially helpful for students who may struggle with reading or have trouble focusing. By reducing outside distractions, students can concentrate better on their reading and improve their comprehension. The use of whisper phones also helps build confidence in students who may feel self-conscious about their reading abilities.

The students at Bellville Elementary have embraced their whisper phones with open arms (and ears!). Whisper phones are not only a valuable tool for improving reading skills, but they also promote independent learning. Students can take their whisper phones home to practice reading and improve their skills on their own.

Who knew that a little plastic tube could make such a big difference in improving students reading abilities?


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