Warren Masonic Lodge 56 Gifts Third Endowed Scholarship to Blinn College

Warren Masonic Lodge No. 56 in Caldwell has continued its strong support of education through a third endowed scholarship at Blinn College.

The lodge recently gifted $21,640 to the Blinn College Foundation to endow a scholarship that will be awarded annually to a Caldwell High School graduate who attends Blinn.

Education always has been a high priority for Masons, said Donny Baron, a Warren Lodge 56 past Grandmaster who serves on its Scholarship Committee. Since the chapter was formed in 1850, it has awarded scholarships totaling more than $154,000.

The lodge holds a fundraising golf tournament annually, and members themselves have generously toward the endowed scholarships, he added.

“Without the help and the support of the local people who support our golf tournament, we couldn’t do it. We’re a small community. We’ve got 80 members,” Baron said. “I think we’ve done pretty good for 80 members.”

Baron said the chapter hopes to continue donating to the three Blinn endowed scholarships.



Sam Sommer, Chair of the Blinn Foundation Board of Directors, said scholarships like those donated by Warren Lodge 56 can be life-changing for students.

“Some students may not have the financial means to attend college,” he said. “These scholarships provide a way for them to get the education they need to accomplish their goals, and our goal is to help them along the way.”

The Foundation is a tax-exempt organization that provides financial support for programs and activities that enhance the quality of education for Blinn students and expand educational opportunities. It also looks to heighten community awareness of the mission and accomplishments of the college and to promote excellence in education. More information is available at www.blinn.edu/foundation.

Endowed scholarships are available to incoming and returning students from a wide range of backgrounds, majors, and experiences. Students are considered based on high academic achievement, participation in student activities, and community involvement.