Many of us are familiar with the concept of using the sun to power our homes, we would use solar panels.  But, how many of us are familiar with the idea of cooking our food in a similar way?  The GoSun Stove is here to do just that.  This item was recently funded October 27, 2013 on Kickstarter and has now made the transition from being merely an idea and a prototype to becoming an actual item for purchase.  The stove, to some, may seem a little pricey at $269.00 but, it has free shipping, a two year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.  Think about it, the only thing you’ll need to utilize this thing is a sunny day from now until…

But, the GoSun Stove isn’t just for outdoor enthusiasts and those who enjoy novelties, The Go Sun Stove also serves a more philanthropic goal as well.  GoSun has partnered with organizations like the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves and local groups in countries like Haiti and Honduras to underwrite the cost of the stoves.

“Every GoSun sold subsidizes the sale of a GoSun to the people who can benefit the most in the developing world,” says Sherwin. “The GoSun solar cooking technology leapfrogs solid fuels completely, providing a safe, fast and affordable alternative to the status quo.”

Watch the video about the GoSun Stove below:


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