The 2018 Sealy “Trash-Off” [VIDEO]

The 2018 “Trash-Off” happened Saturday April 7th, 2018. 9 teams took part to clean up the streets of the City of Sealy proper. It was a wet, cold, windy day but, the participants endured it all with smiles. The event was a part of the Keep America Beautiful campaign (  When the clean-up was over the participants were treated to a well earned lunch.  The final tally of garbage removed came to:

  • 205 Bags of Garbage
  • 31 Pallets
  • 7 mattresses
  • 4 Couches
  • 2 tires
  • 1 coffee table
  • 1 Garbage can
  • 1 car bumper

Thank you all participants for enduring the weather to help make Sealy beautiful!  A special thanks to SNC Lavalin and the Sealy ER for their financial support in the cleanup endeavor.  Check out our video below to get the highlights of the event.