2018 Bellville City Council Candidate Forum [VIDEO]

The Bellville City Council Candidates met last night at the Faith Academy Gymnasium for the 2018 Candidate Forum hosted by Austin County News Online and the Bellville Chamber of Commerce.  There are six candidates vying for three positions on the council.

Cassie Janish and Wayne Browning are running for Alderman, Position 1.  James Harrison and Donna Jacob are running for Alderman, Position 3.  And, Douglas Lottridge and Patsy Rutta are running for Alderman, Position 5.  

The format for the evening was as follows:  Each candidate was allotted five minutes to make their opening statements.  Questions, which were submitted by the public and placed in a basket, were selected at random one at a time by the candidates themselves.  Each candidate was then allotted 3 minutes to answer the question.  If another candidate was mentioned in the answer, the mentioned candidate was allowed a 3 minute rebuttal (which did not happen this time).  Once each candidate had an opportunity to answer, a new question was selected at random by the next candidate from the basket, and the process repeated.

The video below is of the entire candidate forum.  Election information for the upcoming election is as follows:

Early Voting starts Monday, April 23rd and continues through May 1st. Early voting is at Bellville City Hall. Hours are 8 to 4 except on April 30th and May 1st voting will be from 7 to 7. Then election day is Saturday, May 5th and voting is at at the Sens Center from 7 to 7 on election day. The Sens Center is located at 200 Briar Ridge Drive. Please remember to bring a photo I.D. in order to vote.