Thanksgiving is Family Time

The holidays are a time of hustle and bustle but if we take time to slow down and enjoy one another who knows what sort of memories will be made!

Thanksgiving seems to be sort of the odd man out between Halloween and Christmas. People seem to vault right over it in an effort to get to Christmas. This year take some time during your family gathering to play a few games or reflect on what you are thankful for.

Here are some ideas for you to try with your family during the holiday!
– Put “I am thankful for…” cards at each place setting. Allow family members to write what they are thankful for. If you have small children supply them with crayons to draw what they are thankful for. The cards should be printed front and back with the picture on one side and the lines on the other.

Turkey Ticket – I had never heard of these but I found them on a Let’s Get Together. The idea is to give each person a six foot long strip of adding tape and a “Turkey Ticket” in the days before Thanksgiving. Each person will fill that strip with what they are thankful for and return the strip and the ticket to the giver to be allowed to Thanksgiving dinner. The Turkey Tickets can be printed on card stock or colored paper. Punch a hole and attach with colorful ribbon.

– Make a thankful turkey box – This is a great one for the little kids. It is a box they can make and set out so the family can fill it with all the things they are thankful for. It is a great way to encourage the kids to write and then read what they have written. Directions for the box can be found on I Heart Crafty Things. Papers for the family to write on can be found here. Just print them off and cut them up and stack next to the box along with crayons or pens.

– Work on Mad Libs together.  Who doesn’t remember Mad Libs from their childhood? Well some clever person has created a set of Mad Libs centered on Thanksgiving! You can print them out here, and here!

– Photos during the gathering are great but how about spicing them up with some free photo booth props? Thanks to the ladies over at The Dating Divas we have a set of props that can be downloaded and printed onto tag board. You just cut them out and add a stick or kitchen skewer to hold them up!

– Watch Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving and then have a Charlie Brown style meal with the kids. It is sure to bring smiles all around.

Here is Snoopy’s menu:

  • ice cream sundae (vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and a cherry) in a large sundae bowl
  • two slices of buttered toast
  • pretzel sticks
  • popcorn
  • jelly beans

If you want to throw a little education in there you can discuss how Snoopy’s meal is not a healthy or well balanced meal. Have the kids take a look at some ways to improve it while still keeping the fun.

And last but not least a few coloring pages for the kids to color to decorate the house. All these pages are free and were found by doing a Google search for Thanksgiving pictures. Enjoy!


Shelley Brian is a teacher, wife, pet mom and blogger. You can read more at her blog Love Where You Live.