NASA astronauts Bob Hines and Kjell Lindgren will answer prerecorded questions from students attending Sam Houston Math, Science, Technology Center High School. Questions will come from members of the ROTC, National Honor Society, and physics classes. The downlink will connect students’ coursework to life and work aboard the space station.

Media interested in covering the event should contact Dennis Spellman at: [email protected] or 713-556-6393.

For more than 21 years, astronauts have continuously lived and worked aboard the space station, testing technologies, performing science, and developing the skills needed to explore farther from Earth. Astronauts living in space aboard the orbiting laboratory communicate with NASA’s Mission Control Center in Houston 24 hours a day through the Near Space Network Tracking and Data Relay Satellites (TDRS).

As part of Artemis, NASA will send astronauts to the Moon, to prepare for future human exploration of Mars. Inspiring the next generation of explorers – the Artemis Generation – ensures America will continue to lead in space exploration and discovery.

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