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Zimbabwe’s Military Seizes Power, Holds President Mugabe

Zimbabwe military commander, General Constantino Chiwenga, said on state television that he was not launching a military coup, while Mugabe and his family were safe, they were targeting criminals around the Mugabe family and the situation will return to normal soon. But, that changed fast with the latest from Zimbabwe is that the army is in control of the country, and holding president Mugabe “for his own safety”, while it was removing “criminals” around him such as the country’s finance minster.

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Red River Land Lawsuit Ends in Settlement

Proving that the state can stand up to the federal government when statewide electeds and the state legislature are all on the same page working in unison, the nearly 10-year-long saga involving ranchers, federal agents and the Louisiana Purchase came to an end Wednesday when parties in a federal lawsuit reached a settlement.

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