Last night, after underdog Eagles defeated Tom Brady and the Pats to win the Superbowl, we predicted that “Philly GDP was set for a major Keynesian boost tonight”…


Sure enough, thousands of ecstatic Eagles fans took to the streets of Philadelphia Sunday night after their first ever Super Bowl win, beating the five-time champion New England Patriots 41-33 at U.S. Bank Stadium. 




Earlier in the day, Philly was hard at work preparing for whatever outcome was in store for the Eagles – including officers from 60 additional police departments, 400 National Guard members, US Secret Service, ICE, FBI, private security, County Sheriff’s Reserves, and over 10,000 civilian volunteers. Oh, and they also greased up the light poles for good measure:


And despite all of that, tens of thousands of crazed Eagles fans poured into the streets and promptly chimped out with joy – much of which can be found in the Twitter feed of Barstool Sports.

As expected, celebrations of the historic Super Bowl victory of the Philadelphia Eagles led to havoc on Sunday night, as cheering crowds damaged property and turned cars upside down, and an explosion of unknown ripped in the downtown area and several people were injured in street violence.

Some highlights: 

The Ritz Carlton Awning was mercilessly partied on until it collapsed: 





A Toyota Prius owner should have known better than to park there. What if the Eagles had lost


Sadly, several traffic signals and other probably ungreased poles did not survive the night:




A dance party broke out and music spontaneously happened:



Little bit of fire, little bit of mayhem, little bit of eating horse shit:







Some guy went on the rails: 


Many vehicles were surfed:



A hoarde of zombies scaled a fence, because they can do that in this one:


With beer…


Happy cop:



A shooting was reported on a highway and the police are requesting back-up. The situation in some parts of the city is apparently out of control, with most of the traffic lights taken out and people continuing to vandalize buildings. The central Old Navy store has reportedly been vandalized, with its doors ripped open and/or its front window broken in.



Serious cops


And lastly – what better way to cap off an Eagles win? She pretty much had to say yes… 


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