Summertime Is Bargain Time

Garage sale, yard sale, tag sale, estate sale…….what do they all have in common? That potential buy of a lifetime!

For example; in New York a gentleman bought a copy of The Velvet Underground’s groundbreaking 1967 album. Little did he know that it was an unreleased album from 1966! He paid a whopping seventy-five cents! Later he decided to sell it at auction and wound up with over $25,000. Not a bad mark up.

How about the stories of the two people who purchased actual copies of The Declaration of Independence? One paid $4.00 and the other $2.48! The resale prices ranged from $500,000 to $2.4 million.

Now this is the exception and not the norm but I can reveal that my mother did find a crisp hundred dollar bill tucked inside a purse she purchased for a mere fifty cents!

When you decide to embark on a garage sale journey you need to remember a few key things to have a successful hunting trip.

  1. Plan your route the night before. Use the printed newspaper, online sites such as Craig’s ListGarage Sale Finder, your local online newspaper or your local online listings website. You can even utilize things such as church bulletins and Facebook for garage sale locations.
  1. Get up early to get the best bargains! Most garage sales start between 7am and 8am with the occasional start time of 9am.
  1. Eat something. You can’t run an all-day garage sale marathon if you aren’t fueled and ready! Remember to bring water to keep hydrated.
  1. Money – This may seem like a no brainer but it can be amazing to see someone try to pay for a twenty five cent item with a twenty dollar bill! Using such a large bill can also use up all the change that the seller has. Ones, fives, tens and the occasional twenty are what you need. If you want to carry silver carry quarters.
  1. Carrying your money. You should carry your money in a pocket, fanny pack or cross body purse so your hands are free to shop.
  1. Boxes and bags for the car. When you make a purchase the seller may not have a box or bag for your item. You don’t want your treasures rolling around in the car!

Good luck and may you find the treasure of a lifetime!

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