Still Want To Listen To Your Vinyl Records? ELP’s Laser Turntable Does It Without Touching The Record! [VIDEO]

Do you still have a ton of vinyl records that you’d like to listen to but you’re afraid they’ll get messed up by the constant drag of the needle?  Well, you might want to hear about this new product!  Japanese Laser Turntable company ELP has released a “revolutionary way to revitalize your vinyl records without damage from conventional turntable needles,” allowing listeners to play wax needle-free, without a change in sound quality or digitalization.

“The Laser Turntable employs patented technology that produces phenomenal fidelity while never physically touching the record, thus eliminating the deterioration to the album’s surface inflicted by conventional turntables,” ELP’s website explains. “This virgin audio information is then reproduced without digitization maintaining true analog sound as close as possible to when the master tape was recorded. The Laser Turntable even allows you to play records that have been severely warped or damaged over years of wear and tear.”

Watch the video below: