The Sealy High School Tiger Stage Company made a special appearance at the Virgil & Josephine Gordon Memorial Library for the children’s story hour. The stage company is composed of talented students who put on improvisational theatre skits based on a book, book topic or prop from the library that they draw on for inspiration to weave magical and/or educational stories for the children.

This time, the company’s inspiration was a book about aliens.  The children were led by the stage company in a lesson on how to communicate with and befriend extraterrestrial life. The kids’ imagination and quick-thinking abilities were on full display, making for an entertaining and educational experience for all involved.

Abby Lyn Moyle, the manager of the library, praised the students’ skills and talent noting the popularity of the story hour event.  The stage company makes bi-monthly visits and have become a staple at the library.  They also always help kick off the start and the end of the library’s summer reading program.

The Sealy High School Stage Company continues to impress and engage young audiences with their talent and creativity. Their visits to the Virgil & Josephine Gordon Memorial Library are eagerly anticipated and always leave a lasting impact.


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