In a remarkable display of skill and teamwork, the Sealy Future Farmers of America (FFA) made an impressive showing at the recent Karnes County Livestock Judging event. The competition, which assesses participants’ abilities to evaluate livestock, was a showcase for both senior and junior members of the Sealy FFA.

For those unfamiliar with livestock judging, it involves evaluating animals like cattle, sheep, goats, and swine, and ranking them based on their traits that are desirable for meat production, breeding, or both. Competitors are required to demonstrate a deep understanding of animal science, including anatomy, breed characteristics, and market demands.

Leading the triumph was the Sealy FFA Senior Team, crowned as the Champion Team. Ryleigh Gilfoil emerged as the first high individual overall, a significant achievement highlighting her outstanding judgment skills in livestock evaluation. Sydney Petrash followed closely, securing the third position. The team’s victory was bolstered by the strong performances of Mackenzie Simmons and Bryce Stanford.

Not far behind, the 8th Place Senior Team comprised of Elena Hernandez, Kailee Ledger, Sarah Siska, and Ella Curtis, also showcased their adept skills in livestock assessment, contributing to Sealy FFA’s overall success.

The Sealy Jr FFA Gold team, consisting of Jackson Volking, Ainsley Oliver, Atalie Petrash, and Hunter Hinze, secured a commendable 5th Place. Their achievement in the junior category is noteworthy as it involves younger participants who are often at the early stages of developing their judging skills.

The Jr Pink Team, led by Ellie Petrash and including Emmalyn Gilfoil and JJ Snowden, achieved the 12th position. Their performance was notable for earning high point recognition. This distinction is awarded to teams and individuals who score particularly high in specific categories of the competition.

Levi McNeely emerged as the 4th high junior overall, an impressive feat considering the competitive field. He spearheaded a team comprising Kash Parker, Heath Hinze, and Chandler Austin to a respectable 13th place finish.

Rounding out Sealy FFA’s participation, the Sealy Jr White team, featuring Jameson Volking, Easton Oder, Keaton Parker, and Gatlin Oder, earned a 16th place finish. This result, while not at the top, still represents a significant achievement in a field often crowded with experienced and skilled competitors.

The success of Sealy FFA at the Karnes County Livestock Judging event is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and expertise of its members. It reflects not only their understanding of livestock evaluation but also their commitment to the principles and practices of agricultural education.


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