At the June 18, 2024, Sealy City Council meeting, Bill Atkins, Director of the Sealy Economic Development Corporation (EDC), provided an in-depth update on ongoing and upcoming projects. His presentation, framed around the EDC’s four strategic focus areas, detailed efforts to improve infrastructure, support businesses, enhance marketing, and boost community amenities.

Quality Infrastructure and Parking Projects

Atkins highlighted the EDC’s ongoing infrastructure projects, including efforts to address downtown parking challenges. A significant initiative involves converting the former Betsy’s Bakery property into a 32-space parking lot. This project, estimated to cost $200,000, is in collaboration with Strand and Associates Engineering. Despite some bidding challenges, the EDC is moving forward, with construction expected to begin in fall 2024 and conclude in early 2025.

Additionally, the EDC plans to expand parking at the W. E. Hill Center to accommodate 100 vehicles. This $400,000 project aims to support the high traffic in the area, particularly for baseball games and other events. Both parking projects are slated for completion in the first quarter of 2025.

Cryan Memorial Park and Pond Improvements

Atkins also discussed planned improvements for Cryan Memorial Park, focusing on pond erosion control and lighting enhancements for walking paths. This project is a collaboration with the city, with the EDC committed to funding and supporting the necessary upgrades.

Supporting Small Businesses

The EDC’s efforts to support small businesses were underscored by a successful small business meetup held on June 18, 2024. This event, featuring the SBA and other financial and workforce organizations, aimed to provide resources and training to local entrepreneurs. With strong attendance and positive feedback, the EDC plans to make such meetups a quarterly event.

Retail Recruitment and Economic Development

The EDC has partnered with The Retail Coach to attract new retail businesses to Sealy. This initiative includes developing demographic and market data, creating marketing materials, and engaging with potential retail investors. Atkins emphasized the importance of lifting the moratorium on growth to attract more retail opportunities to the city.

Enhancing Community Amenities

The EDC is also focusing on beautifying the city’s entrance, the project includes new landscaping and lighting. Public Works is assisting with installing flagpoles and maintaining the Sealy Texas sign.

Public Involvement and Future Projects

Atkins concluded by encouraging public involvement and feedback to ensure the EDC’s efforts align with community needs. He acknowledged the collaborative spirit between the EDC and the city, highlighting the support from city officials and the community.  Mayor Carolyn Bilski and other council members expressed their appreciation for the EDC’s efforts and the clarity provided on funding sources and project scopes.

You can watch the entire presentation starting at the 00:04:30 mark of the video below:



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