Tuesday night’s Sealy City Council meeting was held before a packed room.  The majority of people were there for one item in particular, to see whether Sealy City Council would approve a severance package of $105,626.15 for exiting Sealy City Manager Chris Coffman.  Quite a few citizens rose to speak in opposition of the intended move by the city council.  (00:01:13 – 00:07:57 & 00:16:33 – 00:32:12 of the video)

Mayor Mark Stolarski then gave each council person a chance to give their view on the subject:

Wynn McCready (00:35:32 – 00:39:19 of the video)
Everett Bubak (00:39:19 – 00:42:43 of the video)
Melanie Willingham (00:42:43 – 00:45:08 of the video)
Sandra Vrablec (00:45:08 – 00:46:14 of the video)
Yvonne Johnson (00:46:14 – 00:49:49 of the video)
Michael Kubricht (00:49:49 – 00:51:37 of the video)
Mark Stolarski (00:51:38 – 00:53:38 of the video)

Melanie Willingham then continued the discussion by asking if a previous agreement with John Marsh, a previous city manager, was paid up front and was answered in the affirmative.  The council then continued open discussion on the matter (00:53:38 – 01:02:09).

In the end the Council voted to approve a $50,000 severance package in a 4 to 3 vote.  The three dissenting votes were Mayor Mark Stolarski, and Councilmen Michael Kubricht and Sandra Vrablec.  Wyn McCready was the one who made the motion on the final dollar amount after expressing that he felt that separation agreements were not uncommon.

The meeting became more heated when Coffman asked to make a comment after the vote was passed.  (01:03:04 of the video)  Coffman asked that Larry Koy, who had left after the vote, come back into the meeting because he was going to reference his name in his comment.  Coffman then pointed out that the agreement that was reached was no different than the agreement that was reached previously with John Marsh while Bubak and Koy were both on council to which Koy explained that it was different because Marsh had been fired.  The discussion became heated until others on the council asked that the discussion be terminated.

The meeting continued with Coffman thanking the council for their vote and giving his manager’s report.  Further discussion pertaining to the report continued as well as some council explaining why they voted as they had.