Riot Police Unleash Tear Gas, Water Cannons As Migrants Storm Hungarian Border Barriers [VIDEO]

Tensions between migrants fleeing Syria’s bloody civil war on their way to the German “promised land” and Hungarian authorities have reached a fever pitch over the last 48 hours in the wake of Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s move to erect a 100-mile, razor wire fence along the border with Serbia. 

From AFP:

Hungarian police fired tear gas on Wednesday at migrants protesting at being unable to cross the border from Serbia and throwing stones, an AFP reporter said.

Hungarian police said that “the crowd on the Serbian side became aggressive and threw stones, bottles and sticks at police on the Hungarian side and crossed the barrier at the border.”

Rather than turn back, or divert through Croatia, migrants are now storming the fence prompting a predictably harsh response from Hungarian riot police who have reportedly deployed tear gas and water cannons.


This article originally appeared at ZeroHedge.com