Quad County Urban & Homeowner Soil Testing Campaign

Quad County Urban & Homeowner Soil Testing Campaign

The Quad County Urban & Homeowner Soil Testing Campaign is underway in Austin County and will run January 21 – February 28, 2020. This campaign is made possible through the support of the Multi-County Ag Committee and in cooperation with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Soil, Water, and Forge Testing Lab in College Station.  

Soil sample bags and campaign only submittal forms for the soil testing campaign are available at the following five locations including:

  1. Austin County Extension Office, Bellville
  2. Harrison Farm Service, Bellville
  3. Linseisen’s Feed and Supply, Bellville
  4. Lindemann Store, Industry
  5. Steinhauser’s, Sealy

All soil samples and forms must be returned to one of the pickup locations by 5:00pm February 28, 2020 to receive the discounted pricing.  Full payment by check payable to MCAF is due when the samples are submitted.  Extension office staff will deliver your samples to the testing lab.  Sample results will be returned to the County Extension Office and then distributed to submitters via email or regular mail.   

Soil Campaign

This Soil Testing Campaign offers homeowners and gardeners the opportunity to have their soil tested to determine its current fertility and receive a recommendation to improve the fertility required to maintain and produce the best possible outcome for their garden, lawn, or landscape.  This campaign is only intended for soil analysis on non-agricultural land; only samples from lawns, landscapes, and gardens will be accepted. 

The cost for a routine analysis will be $8.00 and a routine analysis with micronutrients will cost $15.00. 

In exchange for the reduced testing cost, some information regarding your management practices will be asked on the soil testing form.  The information you will be asked to provide includes the last time the area was fertilized, a description of previously used fertilizers, and whether the soil has been sampled in the past.