Microsoft Unveils Windows 10…And It Has A BUNCH of Cool Features! [VIDEO]

Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 yesterday and the new operating system has taken an ambitious step forward.  The operating system will have things like integrated apps, cross platform compatibility and the most impressive new feature a Holographic augmented reality experience powered by a new HoloLens headset.  With over 1.7 million people giving feedback at Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program, Microsoft seems to be working hard to bring this version of Windows to the next level.

 “It’s time for a new Windows. This new Windows must be built from the ground-up for a mobile-first, cloud-first world. This new Windows must help our customers be productive in both their digital work and their digital life. This new Windows must empower people and organizations to do great things.”

– Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President of Operating Systems at Microsoft

Marvel's Iron Man

Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) begins construction of his second battle suit in Marvel’s 2008 movie; Iron Man.

One of the most notable eye catchers of Version 10 has got to be the Holographic feature.  This isn’t virtual reality where a user is submerged into a virtual world, rather it is described more like augmented reality.  When the user wears the HoloLens headset, certain characteristics of the virtual will be overlaid onto or in the real world.  (From Microsoft’s overview video below, it reminds one of the movie scene in Iron Man where Tony Stark is building his suit virtually in his workshop before bringing it into production.)

Microsoft hopes to have the first builds of Windows Holographic available by this spring.

Here are two videos from Microsoft showcasing Windows 10:

ABOVE:  From Microsoft’s YouTube Channel:  “For the first time ever, Microsoft HoloLens seamlessly blends high-definition holograms with your real world. Holograms will improve the way you do things every day, and enable you to do things you’ve never done before.”


BELOW: Windows VP Joe Belfiore discusses new experiences unveiled for Windows 10 on January 21, 2015.


Newegg’s Blog states that, “The goal of Windows 10 is to make interacting with technology as natural as possible. That’s why it will rely heavily on voice, pen, gestures, and gaze. Windows 10 is much more than an upgrade — it’s a new experience.

And in case you’re wondering: Yes, the old Start menu is back.”

Well, that’s good news to most Windows 8 haters.

ACBS animated gifHere are the key Windows 10 Features:

  • Windows 10 is a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users
  • Windows 10 brings Cortana to the desktop
  • Windows 10 is replacing Windows Phone immediately
  • Windows 10 has a huge list of universal apps for PCs, tablets, and phones
  • Windows 10 has a new web browser called Spartan
  • Windows 10 brings your music collection to One Drive
  • Windows 10 has a new Xbox app
  • Windows 10 streams Xbox games to PCs and tablets
  • Windows 10 will power Xbox One
  • Windows 10 will power the new Surface Hub
  • Windows 10 introduces Holographic augmented reality experience powered by new HoloLens headset