Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: Statement on Texans Back to Work Task Force Report

Dan Patrick

AUSTIN – The Texans Back to Work Task Force presented its final report to Lt. Gov. Patrick today

Texans Back to Work Task Force Chair Brint Ryan said:

“Using the knowledge gained since the pandemic began, the Task Force strongly believes that business owners can use their creativity and ingenuity not only to formulate safe and effective protocols for their businesses to stay open, but also to rebuild the economy that has been devastated by the pandemic.”  

In response to the report, Lt. Gov. Patrick said:

“I want to thank Brint Ryan and the members of the Texans Back to Work Task Force for their outstanding work producing a blueprint for re-opening Texas 100%. The Governor has us off to a great start with the Open Texas Strike Force. This report will help leadership and business return Texas once again to be the number one job creator in the nation. It is a “bottom-up” guide of best practices for businesses to follow as we re-open the Texas economy and prepare to rebuild after the severe damage from the long shutdown. 

“During these enormously difficult times, businesses across Texas are looking for answers on how to rebuild and the Task Force has provided them. This report will help get Texans back to work and make our economy stronger than ever. I am very proud of what they have done.” 

The Texans Back to Work Task Force final report is a 113 page document that includes over 400 recommendations for employers, employees, state and local government and the public. The report includes immediate recommendations, recommendations for the next 100 days and long-term strategies for the future. To view the report, click here