Judge Dismisses Covington Student’s Washington Post Lawsuit [VIDEO]

Judge Dismisses Covington Student’s Washington Post Lawsuit [VIDEO]

We covered this topic in an editorial so, we felt that we needed to keep our readers abreast of what continues to unfold with this story.  The press release for this incident is as follows:

Today, the Sandmann family learned that Nicholas Sandmann’s defamation lawsuit against the Washington Post was dismissed.While the family is disappointed with this decision, they will ask the appellate court to review the trial court’s legal analysis. Ted Sandmann commented: “I believe fighting for justice for my son and family is of vital national importance. If what was done to Nicholas is not legally actionable, then no one is safe.”

Sandmann family attorney, Lin Wood,explained that there are many strong appellate issues that,once clarified, could bring the case right back to the Covington court for trial.  “We look forward to having an appellate court take a fresh look at the issues in this important case,” Wood said. Todd McMurtry, co-counsel for the Sandmann family promised the family that he would zealously advocate to vindicate Nicholas’ reputation.  McMurtry stated: “The law must protect innocent minors targeted by journalists publishing click-bait sensationalized news.This is especially true in the current hyper-partisan political environment.”The attorneys and family plan to take the next few days to evaluate the court’s adverse decision and begin the appeal.  There will be no further comment at this time.

Co-Counsel Todd v. McMurty released the following tweet with links to documents as well as the above statement concerning the case:

The story was covered by Fox News’ YouTube Channel with video of the story below: