[EDITORIAL] Why Is There So Little Mention Of The Five Men Agitating The Native Americans AND the Students of Covington High School? [VIDEO]

[EDITORIAL] Why Is There So Little Mention Of The Five Men Agitating The Native Americans AND the Students of Covington High School [VIDEO]

Unless you’ve decided to unplug from the media for the past few days, you’ve no doubt seen the “confrontation” between the Native Americans and the students of Covington High School that happened on Saturday January 19, 2019.  The event has been framed as a group of unruly high school students who besieged a peaceful gathering of Native Americans.  The story caught my attention primarily because of the media singling out the young man who stood silently while Nathan Philips beat on his drum.  Individuals who are negatively singled out and go viral normally have very long lasting consequences to their lives, as you can see by the video below.

So I began watching and downloading as much video from the event as I could before it could disappear from the internet.  Right away I was struck with how different the narrative being told by the MSM was compared to what I was seeing in all the videos coming out.

But, the most glaring thing I noticed is how the entire debate has centered on the Covington High School kids and the Native Americans gathered there that day.  This is striking because there was one other element to the event that seems to also be a major contributing factor.  A group of five men, it is unclear of their religious affiliation, were at the event in what appears to be an attempt to proselytize people.  However, during their endeavors the men began using racial slurs, sexist insinuations, anti-catholic rhetoric as well as sexually disparaging terms all the while being quite confrontational.  This confrontation was with members of the Native American community and members of the crowd before finally settling on the Covington High School Students.  The men’s actions/agitations can no doubt, have had a profound influence on the events of that day, setting the entire tone to one of hostility and aggression.  Yet there is very little, if any, coverage or mention of these men while outlining or describing the events that transpired.

The video below is from one of the men.  It was the longest, unbroken video of the event that I was able to find showing the most amount of time including: before, during, and after the confrontation that we keep seeing in the MSM.  The original video was just over an hour and forty-five minutes.  Due to the original video’s length, I edited it for time while trying to maintain the video’s perspective in a more manageable viewing size.  I did my best to try to maintain the events of the video and added text to fill in any areas that were removed.  I hope this video gives people another perspective allowing them to get a more informed view of events that transpired that day.  If you want to watch the entire un-edited video of the event, you can watch it HERE***LANGUAGE WARNING***


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