GeoOrbital Wheel Makes Your Bike Electric In 60 Seconds [VIDEO]

There’s a new invention on Kickstarter that cycling enthusiasts may want to check out.  It’s the GeoOrbital Wheel.  The GeoOrbital wheel replaces a standard bicycle front wheel to turn your bike into a powerful electric bike.  There are no tools required and in under 60 seconds you’re ready to ride.  It’s compatible with nearly every bicycle and has been tested on hundreds of bikes of all different styles and from all different areas. 

Shop Austin County 300 x 600 Second TryThe electric wheel has a lithium ion battery and a 500W brushless DC electric motor that creates the propulsion for the bike.  The quality Panasonic 36V removable Lithium-Ion battery with a pedal assisted range of up to 50 miles per-battery (up to a 30 mile range for the 26 inch wheel). With little to no pedaling you will go about 20 miles on a single battery (12 miles for the 26 inch wheel). The more you choose to pedal the more range you can expect, and you can always take a spare battery with you for longer rides. 

Because the center part of the wheel is fixed and the tire rotates AROUND the unit, this has allowed some neat features to be integrated into the GeoOrbital Wheel.  The first of which is a hard rubber flat-proof solid foam tire, so you never have to worry about getting a flat or even checking tire pressure.  They also have a built in USB outlet you can charge your phone, bike lights, or even a speaker on the go. You can even remove the battery from the wheel to have a massive portable power bank to take with you with enough portable power to take for something like a day at the beach.

The current version featured in the Kickstarter Campaign is the fifth generation of the concept.  Their Kickstarter is already well funded by surpassing their goal of $75,000 to the current level of 229,765 (as of this writing).  Watch the video below to get a better feel for this new addition to bicycling. 



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