A caravan of undocumented immigrants has been captured on camera by a Fox News drone team, as it moves towards the Texas border. This is just one of many caravans that have been observed in recent weeks, as non-citizens make their way to Democrat-controlled sanctuary cities such as El Paso in anticipation of the end of Title 42.


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The Biden Administration has announced plans to deploy National Guard personnel to the region, not to prevent illegal crossings, but to speed up the processing of migrants so that they can be relocated within the United States. Texas Governor Greg Abbott, however, has responded by stating that he will deploy a new Texas Tactical Border Force to push back against what he sees as an invasion.

It is worth noting that Democrats have become more adversarial towards any attempts by border states to curb the influx of illegal immigrants into the country, despite their claims of not supporting open borders.

With the approaching end of Title 42, federal border patrol agents no longer have any legal recourse to return migrants to Mexico. They must now process these migrants according to asylum rules, allowing most of them to remain in the United States while they await court decisions. This process can often take several months or even years.