Filming for the new Medieval Horror movie “Devils Knight” has begun at Newman’s Castle in Bellville, TX.  Newman’s Castle was one of two filming locations selected for the film according to the film’s Indiegogo demo video (below) with the other location being in California.

According to the film’s Indiegogo Page, the filming will be conducted from June 6th – 24th at the castle.  So far, during the filming process the cast and crew have had the chance to experience Bellville and the surrounding area.  According to a post on the Bellville Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook Page:

“The cast & crew of 50-60 are loving the warm Bellville, TX welcome & over the next 3 weeks will stay in several of our bnbs, hire local caterers, shop our businesses & enjoy getting to know us! Be sure & say hi when you see them around town! They love to share about the movie & spend time with the locals. So far they’ve loved the warm welcomes at Cielito Lindo, Time To Chill, All Around Cowboy Church, 22 North Holland, Bellville Farmers Markets, Country Dome Suites, Sunnybrook Farm lodging and others. Devil’s Knight Movie stars Kevin Sorbo (of God’s Not Dead, Hercules, and Xena Warrior Princess). The Bellville Chamber of Commerce would like to thank Mike Newman and Newman’s Castle for hosting them over the coming 3 weeks and for allowing us to be a part of it all! If you get some fun photos with them, be sure and add them below. We may share them in future posts!”

The film is classified as “filming” with no estimated release date being available but, the film’s synopsis is as follows:

“In the medieval world of Veroka, monsters and demons alike roam and terrorize humankind. The Bone Devil has plagued the Kingdom of Remény for years. After a group of trackers fails to kill the creature, King Samuel decides to bring in an elite group of monster hunters. These hunters must use every skill they have obtained from around the globe to destroy this ancient evil. Will they be enough, or will the Bone Devil continue its reign of terror?”

The film will star Kevin Sorbo (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Mythica, Kull the Conqueror, Xena Warrior Princess, The O.C.) Angie Everhart (Bordello of Blood, Last Action Hero, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Tales from the Crypt) and  Eric Roberts (Best of the Best, Entourage and The Dark Knight).  For a complete list of cast and crew you can go to the film’s IMBD page HERE.