Two significant bills championed by the Texas Home School Coalition, HB 1819 and HB 3993, have reached the Governor’s desk and await his signature to become law. These bills aim to safeguard parental rights and protect the interests of homeschooling families in Texas.

HB 1819, designed to defend parental rights, specifically addresses the issue of juvenile curfews imposed by local governments. The bill seeks to prohibit these governments from adopting curfew ordinances that restrict the times during which school-age children can be in public. Jeremy Newman, the Vice President of Policy at the Texas Home School Coalition, expressed his satisfaction with the passage of HB 1819, recognizing it as a significant victory for homeschooling families who have long been affected by juvenile curfews. According to Newman, these curfews have not only encroached upon parental rights but have also disproportionately impacted homeschooled students. The new legislation expands the freedom of homeschooling families by prohibiting local governments from imposing curfew restrictions on school-age children.

Similarly, HB 3993 focuses on protecting the rights of homeschooling students, specifically in relation to the college admission process. The bill aims to ensure that homeschooled students are treated fairly when class rank is utilized for automatic admission into colleges. Jeremy Newman emphasized the importance of HB 3993, noting that its passage brings homeschool graduates one step closer to being treated equitably during college admissions. The bill states that if a college grants automatic admission to the top 10% of students based on class rank, they must calculate the homeschooled student’s class rank by considering the average class rank of other students with similar SAT/ACT scores. This provision ensures equal access to state colleges for homeschooling students and represents a crucial stride towards greater educational freedom in Texas.

The passage of these bills signifies a significant achievement for the Texas Home School Coalition and the homeschooling community at large. With HB 1819 protecting parental rights regarding curfews and HB 3993 advocating for fair treatment in college admissions, homeschooling families in Texas can anticipate increased autonomy and equal opportunities for their children. Once signed into law, these bills will serve as a testament to the ongoing efforts to protect the rights and educational prospects of homeschooling students in the state.


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