On Saturday, a man wearing tactical gear emerged from his sedan in the parking lot of a shopping outlet in Allen, Texas and began shooting indiscriminately at people, resulting in the death of eight and injury of seven others, with victims ranging in age from 5 to 61. Fortunately, a police officer who happened to be in the area on another call, intervened and fatally shot the attacker, preventing further casualties. The incident occurred at approximately 3:30 pm local time in the northeastern Dallas suburb. A dashcam footage taken by a bystander showed the shooter parking in the middle of a lane, exiting his vehicle outside an H&M store, and commencing the shooting.

The shooter was stopped by a “good guy with a gun.”

The police have not yet disclosed information about the victims who lost their lives, but a disturbing video depicts the bodies of about five of the slain individuals, including at least one young child. The victims were left in a vulnerable position against a long, door-less stretch of the outlet’s outer wall.


Floating Vimeo Video

The identity of the perpetrator has not been disclosed by the police. The authorities carried out a search at the residence in Northeast Dallas, where the suspected shooter resided with his parents. According to police sources cited by WFAA, the attacker is believed to be a man in his 30s. Neighbors claim that he often wore a security uniform or gothic clothing, was not particularly communicative, and displayed odd conduct. During their investigation, law enforcement officers requested the assistance of a translator to aid in their questioning.

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